2021 BMW i4 electric sedan

The electric sedan market is dominated by Tesla Model 3 and 2021 BMW i4 will arrive as competitors. There is a lot of work and it will not be easy, but if someone can then it is a BMW. The concept was introduced in the second half of 2019 at the domestic auto show. During the winter and spring, we expect to see a test drive with camouflage. As summer goes by, production of the first units may begin.

We all remember the ambitious plan to release 25 electric vehicle until 2023. Upcoming BMW i4 is just one step closer. The appearance on the outside and on the inside is not a problem for German engineers, but the drive will be challenging to parry the Tesla.

New generation 5 battery are less than battery used in i3 and i8 models. This opens up the possibility of easier placement in the floor of vehicles so as to give more space in the cabin. The concept looks mightily reminiscent of Tesla with its distinct BMW details. A little more aggressive looking, fantastic grille with a muscular hood and a nice line across the roof to the boot dominate in concept design.

The most unknown is the cabin. We still don’t have a picture, not even a concept. On the other hand, this is not something to worry about. BMW is known as the manufacturer of luxury vehicles and will certainly not disappoint. It will be interesting to see how much BMW has to offer in terms of price and competition, but for details we have to wait.

2021 BMW i4 powertrain

Thanks to WLTP standards and new generation 5 battery the goal is to achieve autonomy from 600 km. Rumors say it’s been a 80 kWh battery which provide maximum speed up to 190 km/h. Power of 530 horses should provide acceleration from 0-100 for just 4 seconds.

The presentation could be heard fast charging (150 kW) secure 80% battery charge for 35 minutes. It is recommended that the battery be charged up to 80% for a longer life. If you would compare to i3, new BMW i4 add 62 km of range in 6 minutes. That’s an improvement of 11 minutes.

Release date and price

During 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show 2021 BMW i4 concept are released. We expect production to begin in the second half of 2020 in Munich, just in time to start sell as 2021 model. A version for the US market could hit showrooms in mid-2021. Price is unknown, but we know that the main competitor start from $35,000 for base range. The Germans should not go beyond this!