2021 Citroen AMI Two Seats from 6,000 EUR

Maybe not too attractive looking but new 2021 Citroen AMI may be a refreshment for the small-town electric car market. This two-seater has low power and speed so in many EU countries it can be driven without a driver’s license. Another attraction in France can be ridden by children from the age of 14. In other European Union countries, this limit is 16 years.

In order to increase the attractiveness of its offer, Citroen has decided that you can buy, rent or lease a vehicle as part of a car-sharing service. The purchase price incl. Tax is 6,000 EUR for the basic model. The leasing option means a deposit 2,644 EUR and 19,99 EUR per 48 months. The third option is Free2Move “car-sharing” service, which entails a monthly subscription of 9.90 euros, which brings a minute of renting Ami costs 0.26 euros.

2021 Citroen AMI

2021 Citroen AMI Exterior

Upcoming electric Citroen Ami is a real small town car for two. It is shorter and narrower than the electric Smart ForTwo. Weighs only 485 kg, which means the category of a small, slow vehicle that is treated as a four-wheeled scooter by regulation.

It opens the driver’s door in the opposite direction to the passenger’s or back. Completely confused with the same design headlamps and taillights, it is ”difficult” to distinguish between the sides. A special attraction will be the panoramic roof.


  • length 2.41 m
  • width 1.39 m
  • height 1.52 m

2021 Citroen AMI Interior

The cabin brings minimalist designed with only the most basic controls. As you can see in the picture space there is enough for two adults. What you don’t see in the picture is a small screen in front of the drivers that represents the instrument panel. There is no central display and multimedia system in the cabin, but the designers have installed a smartphone bay.

2021 Citroen AMI Battery

A small 6 kW electric motor delivers 8 horsepower. This is enough for a top speed up to 45 km/h. The 5.5 kWh battery could recharge in 3 hours using a wall socket. With full capacity you can travel up to 70 kilometers. It is also important to mention that you can charge AMI on public chargers or Wall Box chargers.

Release Date and Price

The French company introduced its vehicle in early 2020. Receiving orders in France will start on March 30, 2020. The first cars will reach their customers in June of the same year. Not long after, sales are expanding to markets in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Germany.