2021 Mercedes-AMG One available from 2.5 millions euros

Mercedes announces after announcement of new 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 and 63 S, that it is moving delivery of its 2021 Mercedes-AMG One for the second half of 2020. The price from the title suggests that this is a limited edition of 275 units. Interestingly, everyone already knows their owners.

Delivery start has been delayed by almost a year because there is still work to be done on the engine. Although it is a hybrid version, the main role is played by a gasoline engine of formula 1 that needs to be adapted to a different system. We can only assume that the engineers overestimated themselves when given such a short delivery time after the 2017 presentation.

2021 Mercedes-AMG One Sports Design

The aggressive front look is complemented by large vents that aim for fast airflow for engine cooling. The sports lines continue on the side and again emphasize the sports side with a large spoiler back.

2021 Mercedes-AMG One Interior

The cabin is very reminiscent of the appearance of a Formula 1 car. A sporty steering wheel with plenty of controls to keep your fingers crossed and sports seats coated with the finest materials look truly luxurious. At the same time sporty. A lot of high technology and protection is an excuse to justify the 2.5 million price tag.

2021 Mercedes-AMG One

Engine with over 1000 horses

This sports car gets its power from a hybrid powertrain. Made of 2 120 kW electric motors on the rear axle and two smaller electric motors on the front axle. In addition, there is a petrol 1.6 L V-6 turbo engine. The petrol engine borrowed from a Formula 1 car brings 603 horses and 11.000 rpm.

Electric motors do not have an overly high quality battery when it comes to electric autonomy. Tests show that using only an electric drive, this car can only travel 25 kilometers. This is not so important considering that the emphasis is on the sport model.

The entire hybrid system ships just over 1000 horses. That is enough to accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) for just 2.5 seconds. Up to 200 km/h can reach for 6 seconds. Top speed is up to 350 km/h. An automated manual 8 speed Xtrac transmission force power to all wheels.

2021 Mercedes-AMG One Release date and price

The German giant unveiled this true sports car in 2017. The sale was supposed to start during 2019, but was postponed to the second half of 2020. Price will be around 2.5 million euros.