2021 Nissan Ariya electric crossover 610 km

Japanese technology is pushing borders and building the world we want. The new 2021 Nissan Ariya should be the first electric crossover of this company that has the task of starting a new era on the world market. Crossovers are known to be the best-selling and demand is constantly growing, and the global craze for electric vehicles is only accelerating the mix of the two.

2021 Nissan Ariya Exterior and Interior

At the moment, only images of the concept have been published, so it is difficult to talk about a commercial look. Yet the current images clearly suggest a classic SUV look and a larger series of Leaf models. In addition to higher ground clearance, a more robust look you will see better comfort.

On the other hand, safety technology and equipment has never been a problem for Japanese engineers.

2021 Nissan Ariya Electric range

The part that interests you the most will start with the basic trim model. It comes with an electric motor and a 65 kWh battery that delivers 215 hp and 300 Nm of torque. With rear-wheel drive, it provides an autonomy of 450 km. Power from the hood brings acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h arriving in 7.5 seconds, while top speed limited to 160 km/h.

The more powerful trim model has a larger 90 kWh battery. This increases the power output to 239 hp and also 300 Nm with the same rear-wheel drive. More attention drawn to the versions with 2 electric motors and all-wheel drive.

The weaker version has a 65 kWh battery with 335 horses and 560 Nm. top speed of 200 km/h, acceleration in 5.4 seconds and autonomy of 450 km. The more powerful one has a 90 kWh battery with a fantastic 600 Nm and 389 horses. Top speed is the same 200 km/h until acceleration is shorter by 0.3 seconds. this variant of the electric crossover exceeds up to 580 km and some rumors say that this will come very easily from 610 km.

Release Date and Price

The Japanese company announced that sales start first on the domestic market. Sales expected to begin in September 2021 at a price of 5 million yen (about $ 46,000). As for other markets, primarily America, Europe and China, the price is not known. But the first vehicle will find its customers at the end of 2021.