2021 Suzuki Ignis use better battery

The Ignis has since 2016 become a classic small SUV instead of a subcompact car. Upcoming 2021 Suzuki Ignis is the first restyling in first generation to arrive in Europe. The Japanese company announces that they have worked on aesthetic changes from the outside as well as improving standard equipment inside. You need to feel significant progress in powertrains that will consume less fuel. Also, the hybrid model will receive a new larger battery that delivers its benefits and improves competitiveness.

Better battery and lower fuel consumption

The engineers have been working to improve the performance of the propulsion systems and they seem to have made some worthwhile changes. First, let’s say it’s a 1.2 L petrol engine that now consumes less fuel and delivers more power at the same time.

The hybrid-powered model has also been upgraded. Instead of the old 3 Ah battery, a new 10 Ah battery is now in use. Higher capacity gives greater autonomy but also provides better storage of electricity when decelerating. An optional feature will be the new CVT gearbox. It delivers lower fuel economy at high speeds and provides better acceleration performance at low speeds.

2021 Suzuki Ignis Exterior and Interior

Aesthetic changes are minimal and should emphasize the look of an small SUV. Slightly modified front and rear bumper designs and slightly modified radiator grille are all worth mentioning. It may not seem like much at first glance, but it really gives a refreshed picture of the current model.

Changes to the interior of the cabins are very discreet. We will highlight new patterns, upholstery colors and instrument panel distillation. There is an announcement that we should see more equipment in the standard package but no details.

2021 Suzuki Ignis

2021 Suzuki Ignis Release Date and Price

Europe has long waited for a restyled model for its market. The first units in the European showrooms will arrive in spring 2020. The price will be announced just before the start of the sale, but there are speculations that there will be no significant changes.