2021 Volkswagen e-Up!

German manufacturer has recently started electrification of its line and Up! the model is just one in a row. But the fact that every other sold Up! units is electric version will surprises many of you. Of course, the German government’s decision to subsidize electric vehicles is in favor, so the actual 2021 Volkswagen e-Up! price you pay is € 15,405. Therefore this brought in over 20,000 units sold from November 2019 to February 2020. The Crown virus will affect sales decline, but the market will recover relatively quickly.

2021 Volkswagen e-Up!

2021 Volkswagen e-Up! Exterior

The exterior is based on minimalist design. The front is dominated by a blue case with an integrated logo and eye-catching LED light signature. The wheels are 15 inches, but you can optionally take those 16 inches.

2021 Volkswagen e-Up! Interior with true e!

Well thought out details and a cube dashboard set it apart from the competition. Only buyers of the electric variant have the option for marine blue lighting, 3-D “sharksin” board and “cross” design seats. The free iOS and Android app is regularly updated and provides easy connectivity. For instance this is very important if you use the maps + more feature to help find the charging point.

2021 Volkswagen e-Up! Electric range up to 260 km

An electric version of this city car model powered by an 83-horsepower electric motor. According to the new, WLTP measurement standard has autonomy in driving up to 260 km which is an impressive figure for urban conditions. There is no exhaust emission, hence a completely green car. Large number of public charging stations, easily accessible via maps + more, and in Europe you can pay for electricity with a Charge & Fuel card. A very important news is the current and delayed charging. In conclusion the emphasis is on delayed charging as you can use cheap electricity at night.

Release Date and Price

The price of the basic model in Germany is 21,975 euros. However, the state gives a subsidy of € 6,570 which means that you only pay € 15,405. Above all, note in this price is already included VAT.